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Accident At Work

Any accident at work are covered by insurance. It is the insurers who pay out claims, not your employer. This includes a loss of wages claim. If you have been injured due to a slip, trip or fall, or due to lifting something heavy call our friendly, approachable team or fill out the express claim form. If you have been injured at work due to slipping on spillages, tripping on items left in walkways, lifting heavy items, falling from ladders or scaffolding or if you have been given faulty or incorrect work equipment, then our expert team of work injury lawyers may be able to help.

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Our expert team will offer you the help and support you need. From medical expenses to loss of earnings, we are here to make sure you recover the costs of your accident and get the maximum compensation. Some people are concerned about claiming against their employers, but you should always remember that compensation will be paid by your employer’s insurers and not the company themselves. All you need to do is provide our friendly legal advisors with some basic details of the accident and we can begin the claims process for you. Either call us today or fill in our express form and we will call you back!

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Accidents At Work Caused By Food Processing Machinery


The food and drink industry in this country is a very profitable sector of industry. However, employers are under a duty to their employees to make and keep their place of work safe and to ensure that accidents are not caused in the food processing sector while operating food processing machinery. 


In the food/drinks industry, machinery and plant causes; 


  • Over 30% of fatal injuries 
  • Over 10% of major injuries – requiring hospitalisation 
  • Over 7% of all injuries i.e., major injuries and (over a 3-day absence injuries)
  • Almost 500 injuries per year are reportable to the HSE 


What Machinery Is Responsible For The Most Accidents And Injuries At Work?


In relation to the main causes of injuries investigated by the Health and Safety Executive in the food and drinks industries over a 4 year period, this highlighted the main types of machinery involved, which are as follows: 


  • Conveyors 30% 
  • Forklift trucks 12% 
  • Band sores 5% 
  • Thermoform machines, pie and tart machines, pallatisers/de-pallatisers, strapping/banding/tapping machines and mincing/grinding/mixing machines 4% each 
  • Food mixers, wrapping machines, dough moulders and depositors 3% each 
  • Slicers, dough dividers, de-rinders, drinks bottling machinery, roll plant and kegging plant 2% each 
  • Patty formers, cartooning machines, vertical thermoform machines, drinks labeling/marking machines, shrink wrapping machines and drink processing machinery 1% each 
  • Drinks crating/de-crating machines, stamping/punching/franking machines and drinks canning machinery 0.5% each 


Accidents At Worked Caused By Conveyors Stats


  • Conveyors are involved in 30% of all machinery accidents in the food/drinks industries, more than any other class of machine. 
  • 90% of conveyor injuries occur on flatbed conveyors 
  • 90% of the injuries involved well-known hazards such as in running transmission parts and trapping points between moving and fixed parts 
  • 90% of accidents occurred during normal foreseeable operations – production activities, clearing blockages etc. 
  • Safeguarding of hazardous parts of conveyors may be by design, for example lift out rollers that prevent finger trapping, fixed guarding (requiring a hand tool such as a spanner to remove) or hinged or removable interlock guards (guards fitted with coded, magnetic interlock switches to prevent the machine running with the guard removed). 


In the food industry, interlocked guards have the advantage of making the machine easier to hygienically clean on a frequent basis. However, maintenance when subject to cleaning fluids may be a little higher. 


A safe system of work should be in place for daily and routine hygienic cleaning of the conveyor belt that ensures workers are not put at risk of injury from unguarded moving parts. The system of work used should be formalized, and workers should be appropriately trained. 


All of the above relate to working within the food industry and dealing with machinery. 


Why Choose Us For Your Accident At Work Claim?


Faircloughs Accident Claims Solicitors have extensive knowledge of dealing with factory accidents involving machinery in the food industry. 


Faircloughs Solicitors have over 60 years of experience in dealing with accidents involving 

machinery at work in Wigan and Golborne and in the greater Northwest. 


The above information has been provided by the Health and Safety Executive in connection with dealing with workplace accidents. 


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