Don’t Sweep Accidents At Work Under The Carpet

In case a workers suffers from an injury while at work, the employer is supposed to record the accident. This is regardless as to whether the employee suffered a severe or minor injury. When an injury is reported, it should be recorded in a report book. Alternatively, the injured person should send a record of this to an employer, while making sure to keep a copy of the record. Generally, don’t sweep accidents at work under the carpet. There are several consequences of failing to report such incidents.

As an employee, you could get fined for failing to inform relevant authorities about an accident. There are relevant bodies that are set up for this specific purpose. If you fail to inform of them and they ever find out later about the accident, they can legally fine you for failing to act. By law, you are supposed to report any fatalities, injuries and missed accidents or diseases that came up as a result of your job.

Employers can also get fined for failing to report about workers injuries. By law, employers are required to report injuries sustained by employees while on site. This should be done immediately after the accident, that is within the first few days soon after the accident occurred. They should report to the relevant authority.

As an employee, if you do not report such an accident, then it will be hard for you to file any claims against an employer for negligence. While, if you filed such a report, you will have hard data to backup your claims. This increases your chances of getting compensated for your injuries.

Some of the things you will need for the case includes witness statements, a medical report and photos that show your injuries. This will help you to build a strong case.

Once you report an incident, your employer is supposed to put in place various measures to minimize chances of something like that ever happening again. This ensures that risks at the workplace are minimized. This will expose you to fewer risks while at work. In addition, the employer is supposed to ensure that they have a first aid box and equipment at hand, so as to handle any injuries promptly.

Failure to report incidences can affect the entire community. For example, failure to report a hazard in a manufacturing company can result in a gas leak, which can explode and affect many people within the vicinity. Or, the company might expose the community to dangerous chemicals in the soil or water and this might affect the health of the entire community. Whereas, if you had reported sooner, then such drastic cases could have been prevented.

Thousands of employees die at work in the course of carrying out their duties. This is mainly due to under reporting of workplace incidents or complete failure to report incidents, this is because in most cases employees fear the consequences of reporting, which includes the risk of losing their jobs. However, if such cases were reported, better measures would have been put in place and reduced the risks of such losses occurring.

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