I Had An Accident At Work What Are My Rights

After sustaining any injury while on the job, there is a set of steps that you need to take to ensure a swift return to good health. There are also actions that may be required by your employer. Certain protections exist to ensure that people are not subjected to unnecessary pain, suffering and loss as the result of their exposure to the work environment or duties. If you’ve been asking the question, “I had an accident at work what are my rights?”, then you definitely aren’t alone. Following are several tips that will help you through the worker’s compensation claims process.

You always want to report your accident to your employer as soon as you can. This is the first step in making sure that your injury and the event that caused it are properly documented. If you wait too long to make this report, there is the risk of being unable to connect your physical damages with the actual event that has caused them.

Employers, insurance agencies and representatives for each of these parties might suggest that you have harmed yourself on your own time, and are seeking recompense from the employer fraudulently. It is important to start the process of receiving professional medical treatment right away. This way, a licensed doctor can start documenting the damages you’ve sustained.

Consult with your employee handbook to learn more about your rights and responsibilities. There is a lot of information pertaining to workplace accidents that employers must provide at the start of employment. This handbook will tell you how to report this event, and how to get the medical care you need. Keep in mind that the company you work for will have special coverage in place that you can use in instances such as these.

You have the right to obtain as much medical care and treatment as your injury or condition requires. The costs of these services will be covered by your company’s workman’s comp insurer. If there are any special services such as acupuncture or chiropractic care that your recovery requires, these can be paid for out-of-pocket and then reimbursed.

It never hurts to speak with HR personnel when dealing with an injury, if you are confused about the different protections available. Although there are state and federal laws that govern the way in which companies handle these events, many businesses actually surpass these basic requirements to provide their team members with additional protections. Talking with HR professionals will ensure that you are not missing out on something you are able to receive.

When it is time to go back to work, you should receive a reasonable return-to-work plan. This is a plan that’s customized to accommodate any changes in your abilities. You can maintain your former role or an equivalent one, without derailing the remainder of the healing process.

As you seek damages for your losses, make sure to collect all receipts and other documents that support your request. If you believe that your employer is not working with you and that you are not being fairly treated at any time during this process, you have the right to secure the services of an attorney. An attorney can tell you whether or not you have a valid claim and one that’s actually worth pursuing.

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