Important Things To Know About Slips Trips And Falls At Work

Falling down in a public place can be incredibly embarrassing. If you have taken a recent spill on the job, your first response was probably humiliation. You should know, however, that during the days, weeks and even months that follow these events, many different functional issues and problems with discomfort can rear their heads. Following are some of the most important things for people to know about slips trips and falls at work.

The most common response to falling on the job is to simply hop up and pretend that everything is okay. You might feel a little bit sore immediately after falling, but you may assume that no serious harm has been done. This, however, is one of the biggest mistakes that employees can make. Whenever an accident event occurs, it should be duly reported. Moreover, the injured party should be seen by a licensed medical professional.

Many people who have fallen or slipped on the job suffer from something that is known as latent pain. This is pain that does not manifest until several days after the injury event has passed. As an example, you might feel well enough immediately after tripping, but you could feel stiff and sore the morning after. Some people find that major joints like their necks, hips and shoulders are too sore to move.

The longer that you take to report an accident and the longer that you take to receive the required medical care, the more difficult it will be for your employer to accept your claims as legitimate. There are countless, unethical parties who slip and fall on their own time, and then report their injuries as being the result of their work duties. Their employers have to cover the costs of their recoveries and their lost wages, which isn’t fair.

Find out what the protocols are for injury reporting at your job. It may be that this needs to be submitted as a written report to your HR department. Depending upon your condition, you may be required to visit the hospital associated with your job’s disability or other insurance. If hospital services are not offered and you believe you need them, go to the doctor anyway.

You have the right to receive any medical care for diagnosing your damages and recovering from them that you believe you need. This includes care from non-traditional practitioners such as chiropractors or even those who offer services like acupuncture and other forms of acu-therapy. All of the related charges can be billed directly to the responsible party.

It is the responsibility of your employer to create and maintain safe working conditions. All employers working within the environment should additionally receive all required forms of safety training. Moreover, areas that are slippery or wet should be labeled at all times with the appropriate safety signage.

If you believe that your employer was negligent in meeting any of these safety-related responsibilities, you may want to start seeking qualified legal help. This is especially true if you are having a hard time getting your employer to respond to your claims of injury or damage. Aligning yourself with a seasoned personal injury or worker’s compensation attorney could be exactly what you need to do to get the fair compensation that you deserve.

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