Manual Handling Accidents

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Manual Handling Injuries

Some of the most common causes of workplace injuries are due to manual handling.


It is vital that good workplace procedures are set up to prevent injuries to workers through manual handling. Identifying hazards and ensuring good lifting technique for items which can be safely carried are good ways to prevent injuries. 


If workers need to do manual handling for their work, the following things may cause them strain. Look for these red flags and address them immediately with better procedures:

Heavy Lifting, Pushing, Pulling, or Gripping

Positions which are unnatural or awkward, such as over-reaching, arching and twisting, any activities which cause vibrations to the hands, arms or body repetitive or sustained movements the length of time workers must sustain tasks for (i.e. without taking a break)


If workers are undertaking manual tasks, they risk doing damage to their back. It is essential to have adequate safety procedures in place and to educate all workers on how to undertake their tasks safely.

Making A Claim

If you think you have a claim you will need expert legal advice from a firm of solicitors who are experienced in handling compensation claims for manual handling injuries.

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