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    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn
    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn
    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn
    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn

    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn


    At Fairclough’s Solicitors we only represent victims and our specialist personal injury team has recovered compensation for thousands of people, totaling millions of pounds.


    We understand that if you have been the victim of an accident or workplace negligence and suffered a personal injury, this can be a traumatic time for you and your family. You want to know that you can recoup any financial losses and secure appropriate compensation for any distress you have suffered.


    We will assess your case without charge or obligation and may be able to offer a no win, no fee agreement ensuring you secure access to justice. Also known as a conditional fee arrangement, it will ensure you can claim compensation without worrying about upfront legal fees.


    We deal with any kind of injury, so whether you’ve been involved in a workplace accident, had a slip or fall, suffered with an industrial disease or have been injured by an animal, we will fight your case while you concentrate on the important task of getting better.


    We know adjusting to life after an accident can be difficult, where possible we will also arrange for any necessary rehabilitation or available interim payments. We can also facilitate home and hospital visits.

    Claim compensation to secure the right result for you


    Not only can you claim compensation for the physical injuries you suffer, but also the psychological injuries, and your financial losses such as wages, expenses and other losses.


    You will need someone who is experienced in bringing claims, who is sympathetic, yet independent and objective, who will respond quickly, who will go about securing the right result for you, and who will try to make life easier in what can be a difficult and worrying time for you. Fairclough’s Solicitors’ can do all this.


    You can take advantage of our free initial consultation, when we can tell you if your case is likely to succeed or not and give an indication of what level of compensation you are likely to be awarded.


    You can be confident that we know and understand the law, and have had experience of helping people in similar situations to you.


    You will probably find this a very stressful time and we can help you think clearly and objectively about the future.


    We will always act in your best interests. Our experience will be essential in dealing with the claim because we can provide you with the right advice.

    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn
    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn



    We want to assure you that it will not cost you anything to speak to us and seek our initial advice.


    If we feel that you have a potential claim, we will review all of the potential funding options with you.


    We self insure all of our clients cases and unlike some solicitors we do not charge our clients for insurance to cover wasted costs.


    The majority of our clients’ cases are funded on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis. This gives you the peace of mind that you are able to start a claim and if it is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay a penny.


    Some examples of the personal injury work we undertake include:

    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn

    Accident At Work?

    All accidents at work are covered by insurance. It is the insurers who pay out claims, not your employer. This includes a loss of wages claim.

    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn

    Slips, Trips & Falls

    Claims can occur in shops, offices, building sites or on pavements. The owner of property used by the public has a duty to ensure that their.

    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn

    Construction Industry Accidents

    Construction and building sites can be very dangerous places with hazards all around, including; collapsing trenches and foundations, falling objects, electrical tools and working on scaffolding.

    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn

    Manual Handling Injuries

    Some of the most common causes of workplace injuries are due to manual handling.

    Personal Injury Solicitors Runcorn

    Supermarket Slips

    Most slips and trips in supermarkets often just result in a bruising to the ego and the supermarket offers flowers or extra reward points. However, some accidents can cause serious injury.

    Fairclough’s Solicitors’ personal injury team are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, (APIL)

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