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It is not unfair to say that building sites can be dangerous places to work even with all of today’s REGULATIONS.Neither is it unfair to acknowledge that numerous accidents will, and do happen on building sites all over the UK. However, employers who fail to properly acknowledge the dangers which are present in their working environment and fail in their duty of keeping the workers on site safe, they may be putting their workers at risk.

At FAIRCLOUGHSACCIDENT CLAIM SOLICITORS in Golborne ,Wigan and Earlestown we have may years of fighting these types of claims.

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Who Might Consider Claiming For A Building Site Injury at Work?

Due to the conditions which are present on a building site, coupled with the levels of heavy and dangerous equipment and materials which are usually used, any injury which is sustained on a building site can be life altering. Many of these injuries can actually prevent people from being able to continue working on building sites, or even at all in their future.

As a tradesman/woman, labourer, scaffolder or anybody else that might work on building sites, an accident or injury could significantly reduce your future earnings potential as well as possibly diminishing your continued quality of life. Claiming for the compensation which you deserve may help to ensure that you are able to receive the support which you need to be able to continue living comfortably.You do not go to work to be injured.

In some instances where people have been unsuccessful in their claims, their cases have still helped to improve conditions for those who are able to continue to work in the building trade, by helping with the improvement of health and safety measures.

What can Faircloughs Accident claim Solicitors in Wigan Golborne and Earlestown do to help?

When you are claiming for a building site injury, it is important that you go through all of the correct channels or you could end up jeopardising your case. Having the assistance of a professional solicitor will help you to stand a better chance of successfully claiming compensation for your accident.

All employers in the construction industry are required to have insurance to cover any injury-related claims which might be made against them. Your solicitor will be able to correspond with both parties on your behalf. If necessary, your solicitor will also be able to arrange for qualified experts to inspect the site of the accident and any machinery which you were using at the time, gathering photographic evidence to support your claim, and also gathering witness statements as required.

Following an expert assessment, your solicitor will be able to advise you about how much you should make a claim for. If your employer or their insurer makes you an offer, your solicitor will be able to negotiate on your behalf, in order to secure you the best possible compensation package.

Example of Injuries You Might Claim For





Many others.


Scaffolding claims

Scaffolding which has been assembled incorrectly, which has not been checked properly, which is old or which is damaged isn’t something that anybody wants to see on a building site, but unfortunately it does happen.

You may have been injured by falling off of the scaffolding, or the scaffolding may have struck you whilst it was falling. If so then you might need to think about claiming for compensation.

Lifting injuries

Lifting things in an incorrect manner or without the correct heavy lifting equipment can put an unnecessary strain on your bones, joints and muscles. Strains can be caused by repeatedly lifting heavy items incorrectly or by attempting to move just one item which is too heavy. It is your employer’s responsibility to teach you the correct way to lift heavy items or to provide you with the equipment required.

Dangerous equipment/machinery

If you have been given unsuitable materials for the task ahead, you may again be at risk of injury. It is your employer’s responsibility to make sure that you have the correct equipment/machinery, that you have been fully trained in how to use them correctly, and that all of the everything is maintained properly.

Failure of any of the above can result in accidents and injuries, and therefore you could be able to make a claim for compensation.

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